David was born and raised in Southern California. He had a natural love for music as far back as his mother can remember. She recalls David holding guitars and singing to Steely Dan songs as early as 4 years old. As a young child, he showed a great interest in all different styles of music...anything from the Beatles to Mozart to Miles Davis. At the age of 8, his family bought him his first guitar (which he still has today). He began to study Mel Bay books to learn chords and how to read music. By the age of 11, it was time to get private lessons to move to the next level. This was the beginning of a rigorous period of learning different styles, techniques and music theory. In addition, David began to work up his original music composition chops.

In 2003, David decided to record solo albums of instrumental guitar music. By combining all of his experience as a performer and all of his years being influenced by many different artists, David has created a sound that is a hybrid of Spanish Guitar, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Blues and Pop. He seamlessly, intertwines these styles into one unique style.

Being an Indie artist, David decided the best way to expose his music was to go directly to the masses. He booked street music venues with large attendance, like; Downtown Disney, big So Cal malls and street festivals. This proved to be a solid model that led to significant CD sales and more importantly a bond with new fans. Over his career, David has performed over 2,000 concerts.

The reaction to David's music has been astounding. He is very appreciative to have so many wonderful fans and feels very fortunate that his style of guitar music and performance connects with so many people of different backgrounds. David has accumulated over 4.5 million views on You Tube solely from fan produced videos of his concerts.

For David Wayne Guitar this is only the beginning.